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Species: Galapagos Tortoise

Appearance: Very large, cerulean blue tortoises with dark brown shells, a pale yellow underbelly and strange, yet two powerful steel water cannons can been seen in the two openings of its shell (it is known that these cannons is also are capable of withdrawing into the creatures shells…very machine like)—but what makes them different from most tortoises is that It has visible triangular/pointed ears on the top of its head.

Behavior: Do not be intimidated by the size of these tortoises, they're known to be very calm and gentle creatures—they love to take care of their infants, siblings or other Pokemon in need and will show a strong sense of leadership if things get out of hand.

Pets or Wild: They are mainly known to be very wild; however, there has been record of some humans that have them as close companions.

Mating: Blastoise's is very aggressive and requires a lot of battle endurance—if a female is spotted between two or more male tortoises, these large-shelled creatures will fight each other for dominance. It can take up 5 or more hours until the winner can get the female (usually, the larger the tortoise, the better winning chance it will receive; since small ones will back away from the fight).

Population Threat Level: VU (Vulnerable)—so many of these poor creatures are slowly dying out because poachers are eager to hunt for their large shells, claws or other parts of their body and sell it for money. Also, habitat loss could be another problem to their decline in population.

Diet: These tortoises are major herbivores—they consume tons of cacti, grasses, leaves, lichens, other vegetables and berries (they favor the leafy taste of the Durin berries).

Habitat: These large tortoises can be found roaming on island beaches near the ocean—though, they really due tend to hang out with their brethren in the freshwater ponds.

Predators: Because of their large adult size, most animals wouldn't dare mess with this tortoise; unfortunately, as a baby, they are small and helpless to any creature with wings and scales that desire the taste of their chewy insides.

Health Concerns: Unknown (these creatures seem so strong, energetic and independent, I don't know if there is anything that can affect them).

Other Interesting Information: These creatures actually rely on their other senses to know where they are going and whether or not some threat is coming towards them. Their vision is poor, so they would have to rely on touch, taste, smell and hearing to survive; without these other senses, these tortoises are just live bait for other poachers or predators to capture.

- The water cannons on the back of their shells can shoot enough force to leave a large hole in steel walls and have enough accuracy to hit a small, empty can from 160 feet away; talk about power and distance.
I had a lot of fun drawing this big fella. I donít know why, but drawing this large tortoise was a lot of fun. :D

Anyways, did you guys picture Blastoise as something else?
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lockdownthebulldog Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
It looks moor u live now ;)
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