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Small Rant--Sonic Fandom Hypocrisy
Welp…when I thought I was done ranting about the Sonic “fan base”, here I am again to vent out some more, but this time, more on how hypocritical everyone is reacting to the latest trailer reveal.
Now, in the new Sonic Forces trailer, it showed the similar wording as it did in the first one—all about being a part of the adventure/resistance; however, in the second trailer a silhouette of a new-looking Sonic character appeared in some fiery smoke. People were trying to figure out if this was a new character (some groaned at the thought), others, for some weird reason, thought it was Bubsy of all characters…why? Nevertheless, with this new trailer, the mysterious character turned out to be none other than a character you can customize to join the resistance with Sonic and the crew.
When I first saw this trailer, I was grinning ear-to-ear, loving the fact that I’m able to have the option to create a character that can join the adventure; to me, it was a
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MLP: FiM - Kay Faraday by spd243 MLP: FiM - Kay Faraday :iconspd243:spd243 5 5 Team Hoenn - Pokemon Omega Ruby by spd243 Team Hoenn - Pokemon Omega Ruby :iconspd243:spd243 8 9 Shelgon - 3rd Favorite Dragon Pokemon by spd243 Shelgon - 3rd Favorite Dragon Pokemon :iconspd243:spd243 5 8 Team Alola - Pokemon Sun by spd243 Team Alola - Pokemon Sun :iconspd243:spd243 19 8 A Foxy Valentine by spd243 A Foxy Valentine :iconspd243:spd243 8 9
Snippets #4 - A Man's Best Friend Pt. 2
  Now the last addition to our family is a sweet Pekingese-Schnauzer mix named Marley. This little pup is a big bundle of joy in my family’s life—he is extremely playful, he can cheer up anyone with ease and sometimes I think he is just too smart for his own good; I think he toys with me, seeing if I’m as smart as he is. To be honest, if it wasn’t for my sister, we would never known how much fun and trouble this little puppy could be. Back when I was a senior at high school, every other weekday and almost every weekend, I volunteered at the Naples Humane Society and helped take care of all the animals that resided in there—cleaning the cats’ and dogs’ cages, making sure all their bowls were filled with food and water, cleaning up their fur and making sure there wasn’t anything in their cages they could choke on…it was a lot of work, but it was so much fun meeting all the different animals and learning about the names their prev
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New Years by spd243 New Years :iconspd243:spd243 4 19 MLP: FiM - Miles Edgeworth by spd243 MLP: FiM - Miles Edgeworth :iconspd243:spd243 11 1 Kanto Starters (Halloween Edition) by spd243 Kanto Starters (Halloween Edition) :iconspd243:spd243 17 41 MLP: FiM - Joe Darke by spd243 MLP: FiM - Joe Darke :iconspd243:spd243 3 30
My Experience on 9/11
My Experience on 9/11
I was in 5th grade, in my Catholic School (ugh…hated the uniforms I had to wear then), and I don’t exactly remember what my teacher, Ms. Asuncion, was talking about, but I do know I was bored because I felt like the subjects she were teaching wasn’t challenging enough. Anyways, as she continued to talk, I remember the boy on my left shouting, “L-Look! Look at this! Come and look!” His voice cracked every time he shouted…I could tell he sounded confused and concerned, but I was curious, along with the rest of the class, to see why.  All students rushed to the window, even the teacher went to see what was going on before trying to lure us back to our seats.
“Whoa! Are you seeing this?”
“Wh-What’s going on? Why is this happening?”
“Is that supposed to happen?”

More squabble and gasps of worry and concern echoed in my ears, but me, being short, I couldn’t see a thing
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MLP: FiM: Angel Starr by spd243 MLP: FiM: Angel Starr :iconspd243:spd243 6 11 MLP: FiM - Aura Blackquill and Clonco by spd243 MLP: FiM - Aura Blackquill and Clonco :iconspd243:spd243 7 36 MLP: FiM - Phoenix Wright by spd243 MLP: FiM - Phoenix Wright :iconspd243:spd243 18 71
Phoenix Wright MLP Challenge
Phoenix Wright MLP Challenge
All right every pon—I mean everybody! I’ve decided to challenge my art skills a little in the MLP universe. This time, I’m going to draw every cast character in the Phoenix Wright games as MLP characters. Down below you will see a name and a few of them are already labeled as one of the 4 species: earthpony, Pegasus, unicorn, alicorn. However, even though I have drawn a few of them, the ones I haven’t drawn (which will be listed below) I need help with what type of pony they need to be. If you guys have any ideas (even as far as the color or cutie marks the Phoenix Wright MLP should be), let me know. This is a big project I want to successfully complete…might even be the first challenge I’ve completed if I focus enough.
E= earthpony, U= unicorn, P= pegasus, A= alicorn
Main Characters
Phoenix Wright: E
Mia Fey: U
Maya Fey: U
Pearl Fey: U
Miles Edgeworth: U
Kay Faraday: P
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'If you played nice...' by lightningstar1389 'If you played nice...' :iconlightningstar1389:lightningstar1389 209 44 Crazy Gadget by KajikiMaguro427 Crazy Gadget :iconkajikimaguro427:KajikiMaguro427 153 4 Collab: Windmill Isle by TheEnigmaMachine Collab: Windmill Isle :icontheenigmamachine:TheEnigmaMachine 135 35 [Sonic the Hedgehog] Super Sonic Transformation 2 by mizusawa-yuki [Sonic the Hedgehog] Super Sonic Transformation 2 :iconmizusawa-yuki:mizusawa-yuki 134 30 SonElise sketchdump by SonicAngel948 SonElise sketchdump :iconsonicangel948:SonicAngel948 29 3 Madonna and Sonic by Chauvels Madonna and Sonic :iconchauvels:Chauvels 161 45 [YI x bS] White Yoshi and baby Silver by Music-Yoshi-Z [YI x bS] White Yoshi and baby Silver :iconmusic-yoshi-z:Music-Yoshi-Z 15 1 I N F I N I T E by EinnhardeR I N F I N I T E :iconeinnharder:EinnhardeR 1,063 67 eyeemoji by SA2OAP eyeemoji :iconsa2oap:SA2OAP 240 14 One True King by alittlebitfast One True King :iconalittlebitfast:alittlebitfast 195 14 Baby Sonic's Diaper Change by HedgeCatDragonix Baby Sonic's Diaper Change :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 10 2 too close by aoii91 too close :iconaoii91:aoii91 110 4 - CRACKED - by MezzyMuffin - CRACKED - :iconmezzymuffin:MezzyMuffin 125 18 'How many sweet spots do you have?' by GamingInGreen13 'How many sweet spots do you have?' :icongamingingreen13:GamingInGreen13 22 31 You're so cute!  by esbelle You're so cute! :iconesbelle:esbelle 71 11


Stories: I already updated chapters 1-7 of Deadly Virus and will continue to update the rest of the story. Also, Planet Earth will get a rewrite and I'm also thinking about doing a Sonic Boom One-Shot mini series. Basically, each one-shot will pertain to each episode from the show (so you may see two one-shots on the same show but with different ideas).

Games: Holy smokes! Who else is excited for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?! I know I am! And I know for sure I'll be getting Ultra Moon simply because my sis and I do a thing where we play the other's game (since I played Sun, she plays Ultra Sun and since she played Moon, I'll play the other). Which means, since I don't play or use the same Pokemon twice in each game, I'm going to have to pick a new starter...hmm...rowlett or popplio...hmm...

Art: I will continue to post some more MLP art along with Pokemon art. But be on the look out for some Sonic art I may sneak in there (along with a few pieces I've done on my own/in college over the years).

Phew...well, time to re-watch that Pokemon trailer! So hyped!

P.S. Each week, I'll post a fun question or a little interesting tid bit about myself just for self enjoyment and curiosity of others XD


My Twitter:

My Tumblr:

Before I forget,  please do NOT take, distribute, or sell my artwork. I've worked very hard on each piece I've created over the years--it takes me such a long time to create it and last thing I need to see is for someone to take that work away from me. If you want to fan art my Guardians or other works, please ask my permission.


My Holiday Memories store:…

P.S. My store, Guardians, is still running and up for anyone interested in buying my designs on clothing, key chains or magnets (right now, Kaius the fox is the first guardian/element being sold, I will add a new guardian each month--see my last journal for more details).

Also, don't my books on Blurb are still on for sale:

Here is my store to see and hopefully buy whatever interests you:*

Your input on what merchandise I should put what on helps me a lot, so please don't be shy. :D

(Also check out :iconsupermariofan: gallery ^^ He's my awesome bf!)
  • Listening to: Believer - Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Rps and stories
  • Watching: Cartoons and Let's Plays
  • Playing: Minecraft & Pokemon Sun
  • Eating: Pastellas, Chicken
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United States
Hello there! It's Diyana! I'm an Illustrator and my goals are to be an author and draw for children's book, designing characters for games/movies and cartoons or even create ideas or designs for trading cards.


Interesting Fact About Me: My 2 favorite DC characters are Aquaman & Green Lantern. Two simple reasons: underwater and imagination.


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spiritumiracle Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey bud did you saw the new trailer for sonic forces? There a new villain in the new trailer ! In here :
spd243 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
OOoh! I'm so looking forward to this game and the villain looks really cool!
spiritumiracle Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same and I quite like the new villain infinite c: he became my new favorite villain. C:

The villain give me a bit of a reminder of type null in a tiny way.
spd243 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, he does have that type:null vibe. Also, it's curious to see Shadow "supposedly" on the villains side? Hmm...I wonder why.
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Xbox-DS-Gameboy Featured By Owner Edited Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there. How are ya?
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