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I've watched SO many Sonic shows from when I was young: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AOSTH), Sonic Satam, Sonic Underground and Sonic X. I loved each and every one of the cartoons cause I was just excited to see the blue hero on tv and I couldn't wait to see another episode. But oh my god...Sonic Boom is gold! I couldn't believe how much I was laughing and smiling with each scene, quote and moment.

First episode was very heartwarming with the whole brotherly bond. And the second part I can relate to so much because I've been in a situation where I had an annoying roommate (in college of course). These episodes reminded me so much of the humor in AOSTH and I'm quite glad for that. Plus, there are so many things you can quote from this movie (*coughs* evil ham *coughs).

Anyways, what did you all think of the episodes? Any moments you liked the most?


"What Animal is Perfect for You? & Pet Peeve." (This fun little poem is double-sided, one side telling the positives of having a pet, and the other having the negatives of having a pet. Which are you for?)

If you are interested in buying, go to this link here:…

Also, my Guardians of the Elements is still going for sale! So no worries!

P.S: Yep, I'm thinking about doing commissions for both points and paypal (I kinda need some money at the moment ^^;) When I have everything all set up, I'll post a new journal, probably by this week or so, about what the commissions will be and how much each will be. I'm not doing any now at the moment, just setting it up ^^


Anyways, I still need these remaining items and Pokemon for my Pokemon Y game. Also, if you need any Pokemon (except Legendary Pokemon). I am willing to help breed and trade with you. Just let me know and I'll get to work! :D

Here are the Legendary Pokemon I Need:


Here are the mega stones I Need:

Mewtwoite X


Here are the vivillon I Need (the names in [] next to them is the nicknames I would like for them to be called as for my game):

Meadow (Italy)
Icy Snow (Norway)
Tundra (Iceland)
Continental (Africa)
Garden (England)
Elegant (Japan)
Marine (Greece)
Archipelago (Russia)
High Plains (India)
Sandstorm (Egypt)
Monsoon (China)
Savanna (Brazil)
Sun (Mexico)
Ocean (Korea)
Jungle (Malaysia)


Geez...I haven't came up with anything for this story and it's one of my favorites...Ugh! I don't know what to write for the next chapter. If anyone has any ideas as far as what Sonic characters they want to see in the story or if you guys have any ideas as far as how they should be introduced and where they would supposedly "live" in, let me know, the more ideas the merrier. Even ideas for plot or anything would be a great help.

Also, I will be making a folder of unfinished stories, so you can also put input of anything that comes to mind as far as finishing it or a great plot point. :D Don't be shy, I welcome the help I can get. ^^

P.S: I was thinking about doing a new story, one based around Mickey and his friends and another based in the Pokemon world...haven't figured it out yet. But I'll let you know soon.


My fanfiction site:…

Writer's Block is one thing that any writer hates to go through--you get to the best point of your longest or shortest story and then your mind decides to stop giving you some ideas to continue it, or you are just unsure of what to put next. Well, I've been through this TONS of times, but thanks to my Creative Writing teacher, I think this website will help cure all the problems of writer block.

Writer's Block Tips Website:…

I deeply recommend you check this website out. It gives out useful tips as far as not forgetting ideas, situations where you get stumped in the middle of your story, and so much more. Let me know if this is a great or poor help to you! ^^

Make sure you guys check out :iconcat-lin: work, she's really cool and talented :D

(Also check out :iconsupermariofan: gallery ^^ He's my awesome bf!)
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Hello there! It's spd243! I'm an Illustrator and my goals are to be an author and draw for children's book, designing characters for games/movies and cartoons or even create ideas or designs for trading cards.

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